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iSperm for semen analysis

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The iSperm mCASA – The Next Generation Semen Analysis Device


A semen analysis is a fundamental step in assessing an animal’s reproductive potential. Whether you are a breeder, work in a veterinary practice, or a researcher working with endangered species, performing semen analyses will be a key component of your working life.

Pre-existing options for semen analyses are poor. Manual assessments are inaccurate, time consuming, and require extensive training before competency is reached. Computer assisted semen analysis (CASA) devices are bulky, expensive, and almost impossible to move from one location to the next.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a fast, reliable, and portable semen analysis device that didn’t cost the earth?

We are thrilled to offer you the iSperm mCASA. The iSperm mCASA is the next generation in semen analysis devices. Sleek, compact, and cost-effective, the iSperm mCASA can be easily transported between locations, giving you reliable results every time. Read on to see how the iSperm mCASA could improve the accuracy and efficiency of your semen analyses.

Easy to Use

Manual semen analyses are difficult and require years of training for competency to be reached. Existing CASA devices are bulky and have a poor user interface, making them tricky to use.

The iSperm mCASA takes the confusion out of semen analyses. This device is simple to use, all you need to do is place the semen onto the specially designed chip and insert the chip into the heating system and microscopic lens. The user-friendly operating system will guide you through the steps and help you and your team generate accurate results, every time.

Cost Effective

The extensive training required for competency in manual semen analyses is time-consuming and costly. Manual analyses also require numerous expensive consumables like microscopes, glass slides, coverslips, and heated stages. If you opt to use a standard CASA device or spectrophotometer, you’ll have to invest a hefty sum of money into the purchase, running, and maintenance of the machine.
We understand that cost is a big factor when deciding which semen analysis device to use. The iSperm mCASA is available at a price point which is lower than most competing CASA devices. With its simple to use interface, the iSperm mCASA saves you money on initial purchase costs, training, and consumables.

Accurate Results, Every Time

The main issue with manual analyses is that they are not very accurate. Because we’re human, even the most highly trained operator can have off days and make mistakes. Manual analyses often show high inter- and intra-operational variability meaning you can never be 100% confident in the accuracy of your results. Some people choose to use a spectrophotometer to help them find the concentration of a sperm sample. Unfortunately, these devices are easily confused, and may identify other cells as sperm. The result of this is an inaccurate reading and an untrue representation of an animal’s fertility potential.

The iSperm mCASA has been validated for accuracy against standard CASA devices, haemocytometers, and nucleocounters, performing comparably every time. This device can assess concentration, total motility, progressively motility, and advanced sperm kinetics like velocity and swimming patterns with ease. The labeled sperm tracker lets you clearly see the progression of each sperm, giving you a more comprehensive idea of an animal’s reproductive capacity.

Time Saving Equipment

Undertaking a manual semen analysis is a time-consuming event. If you have a lot of analyses to complete, it can take up much of your day and not allow time for your other important tasks.
The iSperm mCASA is quick and easy to set up, giving you accurate results in as little as 1 minute! This means you can process multiple samples in the time it would take to process one sample manually. The iSperm mCASA allows for rapid assessment, giving you and your team time to focus on your other important tasks.

Fertility-Tracking Technology

One semen analysis alone is not sufficient to predict a male’s fertility potential. This is because sperm parameters, like concentration and motility, are variable and can alter between different analyses. Sperm quality can change over time in relation to external cues like stress, diet, and exercise levels. When considering an animal for breeding, it’s usually recommended to complete at least two semen analyses to get a good overall idea of their reproductive potential.

If you’re undertaking a breeding management programme and trying to improve a male’s long-term fertility, frequent semen analyses will be essential. This will allow you to track the changes in their sperm quality and predict their potential for siring offspring. Previously, if you wanted to track changes in sperm quality over time, you would have to spend hours manually inputting datapoints into a spreadsheet. This is time consuming and there’s the possibility for inaccurate data entry.

The iSperm mCASA allows you to store data easily and efficiently. This device produces simple to understand graphs that let you visualise changes to fertility potential over time, without the risk of inputting error.

Variety of Species

Many CASA devices are programmed such that they can only be used to assess the semen from one type of animal. This is because there are subtle differences in the appearance of sperm from different species. For veterinary clinics and breeding programmes that treat creatures from across the animal kingdom, this isn’t convenient. Wouldn’t it be great if one device could assess the fertility potential of a variety of animals?

The iSperm mCASA has been optimised to analyse sperm from a variety of companion, livestock, and endangered species. The list of animals that can be analysed by the iSperm mCASA is constantly growing, and currently includes:

• Bovine (e.g., cows, bison, and buffalo)
• Canine (e.g., domestic dogs, foxes, and wolves)
• Caprine (e.g., goats)
• Equine (e.g., horses, and zebras)
• Murine (e.g., mice, gerbils, and rats)
• Ovine (e.g., sheep)
• Swine (e.g., domestic pigs, and wild boar)

Easy to Transport

The heavy, cumbersome equipment associated with manual semen analyses and classical CASA devices are almost impossible to carry between locations. If you’re constantly on the go, you’d have to choose between lugging large equipment between locations or holding on to multiple semen samples to be assessed back at the lab. The former is inconvenient whilst the latter increases the time between ejaculation and analysis, which can reduce semen quality and give an inaccurate representation of reproductive potential.
The sleek, portable design of the iSperm mCASA allows you to perform semen analyses in the field. Weighing less than a laptop and the size of an iPad, you no longer have to compromise convenience or the accuracy of your testing results.

Interested in the iSperm mCASA, or would like to learn more? Get in touch! One of our experts would be happy to take you through the specifications and get you booked in for a demo.


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