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iSperm Portable Canine Semen Analyser

iSperm Semen Analyser

The iSperm is a unique device which analyses fresh, chilled or frozen sperm, providing concentration and sperm motility within a few seconds. The lens and adaptor give you great images, which can be saved to your iPad. Includes a heated chamber to ensure the sperm is at the optimal temperature for analysis.
  • The iSperm is only compatible with iPad Mini 6. You can either buy your own, or add one to your purchase from us. If you purchase an iPad Mini 6 from us, please allow 4 working days for delivery. We will assume you want this device for canine semen analysis, but if you intend to analyse the sperm of another species, please contact us to discuss.
  • Easy to use software
  • Ability to store and save images and videos
  • Portable and compact making it perfect for in lab and in field use
The process of sampling is super easy and efficient, simply fit a base chip to the sample collector and dip into the semen sample, covering the base chip. Cover with the cover chip to encase the semen sample, before inserting the sample collector into the back of the case and heated chamber.

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iSperm Portable Canine Semen Analyser


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The iSperm is the first mobile computer-assisted sperm analyser. It offers readings of concentration, total motility, progressive motility and sperm kinetics. You can also clearly understand the behaviour of the sperm through the labelled sperm tracks. Capable of analysing semen qualities for various species, the iSperm Portable Semen Analyser helps customers monitor the fertility of economic, companion, and endangered animals.

Now available as part of our NEW Ovulation and Semen Analysis Starter Kit!



iPad Mini iSperm Case
High Resolution Optical Lens
Sample Collector with Optimised Light Source
Microfluidic Chips
Measuring Cups
iSperm Heater & Cord Set

Does not include Semen Extender (necessary for accurate sperm count) or test tubes/mixing apparatus.

Choose to buy with or without iPad Mini 6.


Analysis Specifications:
Concentration – 0-1000 million/ml, error ± 5%
Motility – Concentration between 20-1000 million/ml, error ± 5%
Progressive Motility – Concentration between 10-100 million/ml, error ± 5%
Analysis Time – 10 second video analysis

Hardware specifications:
Optical Magnification – equivalent to 200x
Optical Resolution – 1μm
Weight – 900g (including battery)
Light Source Power and Battery – LR44 x 3, up to 45 hours
Compatible Hardware – iPad Mini 6


Want to learn more about the iSperm? Contact us to arrange a live online demonstration.