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Ultrasound for alpaca pregnancy scanning

How we started

Get to know PUM: your expert partners in ultrasound

No other company in the world specialises in ultrasound in the way that we do!

From our base in London – UK – our enthusiastic team of sonographers, researchers, buyers and administrators has grown to supply a worldwide market of clinicians, breeders, veterinarians, farmers and home-users with cutting edge machines, advice informed by experience and research, outstanding training, and market-leading customer service and after sales care.

You might have noticed – we’re a different type of ultrasound company. We live and breathe ultrasound, and we want you to be as excited about it as we are!

It’s not easy to find all this delivered by one company, and that’s where Portable Ultrasound Machines comes in! We were founded over ten years ago by Catherine Stowell – qualified to MSc level and BSE Accredited in Echocardiography – to deliver all of this and more, with integrity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be your long-term trusted expert partner in portable ultrasound machine advice, purchase, training and support. We deliver this mission by:

1. Making a difference:

Why do we live and breath ultrasound? We get out of bed in the morning because we believe that ultrasound machines and the experts that use them can make a profound and positive difference in our world. We have seen the difference the right machine, appropriate advice and the best training can make on the diagnosis and health outcomes of both human and animal patients. We are never happier than when empowering others to make use of ultrasound machines for good and are particularly proud to have provided machines to a range of international charities.

2. Machines you can trust:

In today’s market, an overwhelming number of companies offer ultrasound machines; however whilst ultrasound is a specialist subject few possess the skills to be able to independently appraise them, use them clinically themselves, and truly know what the best solution is for their individual clients’ needs. We do! We test all the models we sell and would not sell anything we would not use ourselves, standing by our machines with exceptional warranty and aftersales support.

3. Exceptional value and range:

Our sonographers and researchers are internationally renowned and, having worked closely with manufacturers for well over a decade (as well as developing our own portable ultrasound machines), we can offer you the ‘pick of the litter’ when it comes to scanners; privileged access to the very best-in-class ultrasound systems, at the most favourable pricing!

4. Expert advice with integrity:

How do you know you will be buying the best ultrasound machine for you? We cut the confusion out of choosing a new ultrasound machine and provide you with clear, expert advice from qualified sonographers – not career salespeople. We understand that not every conversation will lead to an immediate sale and our focus is on building a long-term trusting relationship to support you in your ultrasound journey.

5. Training and advice based on research and experience, not marketing:

You do not need to feel daunted when your new scanner arrives, because our team will continue to be on hand to support and guide you or your team in getting the most out of your ultrasound machine. Our sonographers and researchers are internationally renowned, working in close partnership with a number of internationally renowned universities, suppliers and equipment manufacturers. This puts us in a unique position to serve your business, keeping your practice at the cutting edge of new developments in ultrasound diagnosis.

Catherine Stowell

Our founder

Catherine Stowell is Founder and Director of Portable Ultrasound Machines. Catherine Stowell began working with ultrasound in 2008 in the United States. Upon returning home to the UK, she decided to specialise in veterinary ultrasound.

As the capabilities of ultrasound technology improved, Catherine decided to undertake her Masters degree in Medical Ultrasound in 2014, to keep herself and her clients ‘ahead of the curve.’

Catherine graduated with Distinction from Imperial College in 2015, and obtained her British Society of Echocardiography accreditation in 2016. She is author of the bestselling ‘Ultrasound for Canine Pregnancy Scanning’ and teaches, separately, small animal pregnancy scanning and small animal echocardiography.

Catherine holds an honorary contract at the Royal Vet College where she is involved in research, has published a number of papers in human medical journals, and is due to complete her PhD on the teaching and learning of ultrasound in humans and artificial intelligence in 2017.

Catherine also runs Finger on Pulse Ltd – supplying high quality medical equipment, and Animal Ultrasound Association – a community interest group dedicated to promoting safe and responsible ultrasound use on pets and farm animals.