About Us

About Portable Ultrasound Machines

Tried and tested high performance portable ultrasound scanners

Portable Ultrasound Machines was started by founder and owner Catherine Stowell. She recognised a clear need to supply tried and tested high-performance portable ultrasound scanners to the UK and international markets. As a qualified MSc, Catherine has worked in the ultrasound industry for over 10 years and is BSE accredited in Echocardiography.  

Catherine also runs Finger on Pulse Ltd – supplying high quality medical equipment, and Animal Ultrasound Association – a community interest group dedicated to promoting safe and responsible ultrasound use on pets and farm animals.  

Value for money

Our mission at Portable Ultrasound Machines is to always keep up to date with the latest technologies in ultrasound scanning.  We continually carry out testing and research on all of the machines that we stock. This is to ensure we only offer the very best solutions and value for money to you.

Keeping you on top of the latest developments in ultrasound

Our experts regularly work in close partnership with a number of internationally renowned universities, suppliers and equipment manufacturers. This puts us in a unique position to serve your business. As it keeps your practice at the cutting edge of new developments in ultrasound diagnosis.

Complimentary training and best practice advice

As trained sonographers, we offer complimentary image optimisation training and best practice advice. This is so that you can make the most out of your ultrasound machine.

For more information and to discuss your portable ultrasound scanning needs in more detail, contact us today.