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Pig Backfat Scanning at the Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show

backfat in pigs

We visited the Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show in Kent today, to test out the MSU3 Ultrasound Machine‘s backfat grading abilities on a range of breeds. Prior to this, our testing had been on single farms, on a limited range of breeds. As sonographers and researchers, we are always field testing the equipment that we […]

Marine Ultrasound Scanners

One of the more unusual enquiries we receive is for ultrasound equipment for marine mammals, fish and corals. We are not the only company in the world that supplies ultrasound for marine use, but we are the only one staffed by research sonographers; this means we have the expertise (and interest!) to help you to […]

Why is the KX5600 so popular?

The KX5600 is one of our most popular ultrasound machines. Cost-effective, reliable, and well supported, it has three main versions: What type of image quality can I expect? There’s really no doubt that for under £2000 (pre-VAT), the KX5600v is the best ultrasound machine that money can buy right now – and this has been […]

The benefits of ultrasound for hedgehogs

Hedgehog ultrasound

Ultrasound can prove to be a really important tool for hedgehog keeping and rescue, but it’s important that the correct system is chosen, and that you have support on hand during the first few months of use. We have previously discussed the best types of ultrasound equipment for hedgehogs, with our most popular choice being […]

Why are ultrasound probes so expensive?

probe damage

What probes are required for veterinary ultrasound? For small animal abdominal scanning, a single probe will often be sufficient. On the Apogee 1000 Lite, for example, the microconvex probe performs so well that it can cover transabdominal scanning across all sizes of cat and dog (as well as small ruminants), and even be used for […]

Portable ultrasound machines available now – for humanitarian relief

Portable emergency ultrasound

If you are searching for a portable ultrasound machine to assist in the relief effort for the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, please get in touch. We hold vital, cost-effective equipment in stock at all times, can advise on the best configuration for your needs, and can deliver quickly. Our most popular systems for […]

Microscopes: the Ultimate Buying Guide

ScopeX best cytology microscope

The Ultimate Microscope Buying Guide. If you’re considering cytology as an additional service to your business, then getting the right microscope for your needs is crucial. In the right hands, a capable microscope like the ScopeX 3 Lens Microscope can even be used for semen analysis (although it’s true that the iSperm is a lot […]

How do I know if an ultrasound machine is safe?

CE mark

The United Kingdom is far behind countries like the Republic of Ireland in checking the quality and safety of imported medical equipment. Here at PortableUltrasoundMachines, we regularly test our scanners, measuring the mechanical and thermal outputs at various power and frequency levels. We believe that supplying safe, reliable equipment is the core responsibility of an […]

Response to social media comments


Following the October meeting at the House of Commons on the fertility industry, it is understandable that people are worried. This article is meant to address some of the social media rumours until proper statements can be issued by the Animal Ultrasound Association. For factual information, it is best to wait for this information to […]