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We supply the latest tried and tested high-performance portable ultrasound scanners for private practice sonographers, veterinarians and echocardiographers.
All our world-leading machines come with excellent customer service support and warranties.

Make fast and reliable diagnoses

Advanced and updated processing technology provides users with unrivaled capabilities such as fast frame rates, processing speeds and enhanced image quality.
We are the UK’s exclusive supplier of the SIUI Apogee 2300 – a world-leading portable ultrasound scanning machine.

Experts to help you

We continually carry out testing and research on all of the devices that we stock, to ensure that we only offer the very best solutions to you.
With over 90 years of combined industry knowledge, our experts offer complimentary image optimisation training and best practice advice.

Access free insight from our Knowledge Centre

Long Covid in the electronics industry

I met with Paul at Celestron yesterday, and the top question on my agenda was of course to find out when we can expect delivery of our latest order of microscopes. Paul reiterated to me what we already knew, which was that the delay is caused by the global shortage in computer chips: a situation […]

What are the benefits of ultrasound needle enhancement?

Ultrasound guidance can improve accuracy for needle biopsies, vascular access, nerve blocks, administering anaesthetic, or steroid or medicine delivery for musculoskeletal (MSK) and podiatry applications. Through visualisation of surrounding structures, it can also improve procedure safety. However, it is a difficult skill to master, and requires a lot of practice. To aid with this, manufacturers […]

Used Ultrasound Machines

The rise in dog and puppy theft is well known, but it seems the criminals are now widening their attentions to the equipment that accompanies dog breeding – which includes ultrasound machines. There has been a spate of credit card fraud recently, with at least three ultrasound machines that we are aware of having been […]

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