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Response to social media comments

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Following the October meeting at the House of Commons on the fertility industry, it is understandable that people are worried. This article is meant to address some of the social media rumours until proper statements can be issued by the Animal Ultrasound Association. For factual information, it is best to wait for this information to be published.


It is hypocritical for PortableUltrasoundMachines to sell progesterone machines

The only progesterone machines we advertised were refurbished AIA machines, widely recognised as professional laboratory equipment. We very much value our breeder clients but our company does not exclusively serve breeders – we sell to veterinarians and human doctors worldwide as well.


PortableUltrasoundMachines teaches artificial insemination in its newsletters

Contrary to claims on social media, nobody at PUM has ever “taught unqualified people how to AI.” One article addressed how semen collection is performed in a sterile environment, another was entitled “what is artificial insemination?” and explained what its benefits are and what veterinary checks are required for it. You can read the full article here. At no point in this article are there any instructions provided for lay people on how to perform this procedure themselves.


Catherine is campaigning against artificial insemination

While I do not write all of the content at PUM (and none of the newsletters), I am writing these words: I do not go around expressing views on artificial insemination. I don’t have any. It’s outside of my remit, I’ve invested absolutely no time in learning about it, and I tend not to enjoy making public comment on topics on which I am ignorant. I am a sonographer, which means that all my qualifications and career are dedicated to ultrasound. I was not invited to be part of the panel at the House of Commons for my views on artificial insemination. I was invited to deliver industry perspective on ultrasound. 


PUM and the AUA are the same company

PortableUltrasoundMachines is a private limited company. We specialise in selling and supporting ultrasound equipment for veterinarians, doctors, farmers and breeders.

The AUA is a Community Interest Company made up of a broad, worldwide membership. Membership is open to all users of ultrasound trained to an adequate standard, and Catherine Stowell is but one member making up the entire organisation.


The Animal Ultrasound Association is not a real organisation

The AUA has never claimed to be a government organisation. It does, however, have to comply with annual government checks on its activities and justify its CIC status. In an industry which is currently completely unregulated, the AUA is as close as it gets, and all courses are taught by qualified, accredited sonographers.

When people are standing behind their teaching and quality assurance with their own lifelong careers and professional accreditations, this is far more “real” than courses sporting CPD badges, which most people are unaware are awarded without anyone even reviewing the course material or the credentials of those delivering the courses.


Are they going to make ultrasound a veterinary-only procedure?

I have recorded a video to answer this question, and I will post it here shortly. You can receive an instant alert when this video is posted on the PUM Facebook page here, or the PUM Community group.


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