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Siui Apogee 2300 for equine

The Apogee 2300 is Siui's flagship portable ultrasound machine, and offers stunning image quality for equine tendon work and reproductive scanning. Pricing is available on request and varies upon precise configuration. Please contact us here, or call +44 (0) 208 402 1562.

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£40,000 for a high-quality tendon scanner? Not any more

High resolution imaging is essential for the effective scanning of equine tendons and ligaments, but veterinarians now have options beyond the traditional names of GE or Sonosite. In the ultrasound world, trends can change quickly. As one manufacturer turns their attentions and resources towards another area, so another company will step up to invest and become the new leader in the gap left behind. In human echocardiography, for example, Siemens used to be market leaders; after successive years of underinvestment, they now play third fiddle to GE and Philips.

And this is precisely the type of trend we are seeing with Siui in the equine world; a manufacturer who in recent years have invested heavily in their linear imaging, at a time when many others have been reallocating resources to other areas.

Siui’s team is made up of engineers from big companies like Siemens, cardiologists, and experienced sonographers from around the globe. The Siui ultrasound range delivers stunning image quality, powerful software and expert support that rivals any of the big names in ultrasound. The Apogee 2300 is Siui’s flagship portable ultrasound machine, and their number one offering for equine veterinarians.


Siui for equine


Ideal for equine 

Musculoskeletal imaging is an area in which the Apogee 2300 really excels. One of the greatest strengths of this series is its stunning B-mode image quality, and its high resolution linear probe really shows this at its best. Such clarity ensures that every diagnosis is fast and simple.

This system can also be equipped with a large convex probe for abdominal scanning, or linear rectal for pregnancy diagnosis and fertility work.


Stand-out features and benefits you can rely on

  • Next generation tissue harmonic imaging technology, so you no longer need to compromise between penetration and resolution (learn more)
  • High sensitivity Colour Doppler imaging, even in deep structures or low flow conditions.
  • Large 500G storage capacity for cine loops and storing up to 2000 images.
  • User defined setting allows customisation of your preferred settings, measurement items and their sequence


User-friendly design and accessories to make every examination a breeze

  • 15 inch high resolution titling monitor – essential for equine work where ideal equipment positioning is not always easy
  • Detachable lithium battery provides backup and can facilitate your exam in a limited power environment
  • Built-in back light for keyboard and backlit control panel for scanning in dark corners inside stables
  • Ergonomic compact design allows for easy portable use
  • Travel backpack or hard protective carry case available for transportation.


  • Apogee 2300
  • 2x transducers included as standard, e.g. linear and large convex or linear and linear rectal.
  • 15-inch medical LCD monitor
  • 500G hard disk for saving of images and video clips
  • 2 USB ports, 2 probe connectors, ECG port
  • Built-in battery
  • THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
  • Nanoview MFI (Macro Fidelity Imaging)
  • VS Flow (Micro-flow Enhancement)
  • Trapezoid Imaging XBeam (Spatial Compounding Imaging)
  • Panoscope (Panoromic Imaging)
  • HPRF (High Pulse Repetition Frequency)
  • Smarchive
  • 2 year warranty

Popular transducer options:

  • 3-7MHz Linear Rectal
  • 5-12MHz Linear Rectal
  • 1.7-4MHz Phased Array
  • 5-12MHz Linear
  • 2-5MHz Convex

Training software: 

New Siui MAI remote screen-sharing software


Example images – linear probe:

A recent equine leg test scan in the field. Stand-off not required!


Other examples – linear probe:

Human carotid artery:


Human vertebral artery:


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Equine echocardiography

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