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Artemis Farm Ultrasound Scanner

The ScanX Artemis is a rugged farm animal scanner that is particularly suited for reproductive scanning in goats, sheep, pigs, cows and horses. For those with a mix of animals, consider the new convex rectal probe as a cost-effective alternative to a multiprobe system.

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The ultimate farm scanner

The Artemis is the ultimate on-farm scanning machine, particularly suited for veterinarians scanning a mix of farm animals and farm owners with more than one species of animal to scan. With freeze buttons on both sides, it suits left- or right-handed use equally well (particularly important for rectal examinations). The Artemis’ extra large capacity lithium ion battery provides over 6 hours of scanning time, with images displayed on a 7′ high resolution monitor for phenomenal clarity. A shade cover, carry straps and protective carry case are included with every scanner.

Cattle & Equine Repro Scanning

Choose from a 6.5MHz linear rectal probe, or our patented 4MHz convex rectal probe. Both are made with anti-fold probe cords to protect the most valuable part of your system, and guarantee probe longevity.

The traditional design of a linear rectal probe gives a high resolution image, displayed as a rectangular picture on your monitor. This is still most popular for equine repro scanning, due to the probe’s higher frequency range.

The new convex rectal probe allows you to obtain a wider field of view and a ‘pie shaped’ image on screen, which had previously only been available to those scanning smaller animals transabdominally, and was not previously achievable for those performing rectal examinations. This is becoming increasingly popular for scanning cows, as it makes the job quicker and easier.

Ovine & Caprine Scanning

The convex probe delivers the perfect balance between image quality and penetration when it comes to scanning sheep and goats. With 15 years of working closely with the goat breeding community in particular, we know exactly what you are looking for in a scanner.

Due to its versatility, the Artemis is particularly well suited for those with mixed farms. If you will be scanning cows as well as sheep and goats, you will require a rectal probe in addition to your convex probe. If you will be scanning primarily cows and have only a handful of sheep or goats, consider using the curved rectal probe – internally for cattle, and externally for sheep and goats. We tested this configuration on farm and achieved excellent transabdominal images using the curved rectal probe.

We also recommend choosing the convex probe for llama and alpaca pregnancy scanning. A linear rectal probe mounted on an introducer is available, but we do not recommend using this if you are not a qualified veterinarian. Rectal scanning is an invasive procedure and use of an introducer increases the risk of injury to the animal.

Porcine Scanning

The 4MHz convex probe delivers the penetration and field of view you need to unequivocally diagnose pregnancy in sows. Its high contrast image makes picking out fluid-filled uterus quick and efficient, which is particularly useful when dealing with fidgety pigs!

Canine Scanning

For small to medium breeds, the best probe choice for canine abdominal or pregnancy scanning is the microconvex probe. If you wish to add a second probe to your Artemis system for scanning dogs, this will be the best choice for you. If you will be scanning exclusively small animals, consider the ScanX or Apogee 1000 Lite as alternative options which have been specifically designed for this purpose.

Mixed species

If you have a mixture of species on your farm, the curved rectal probe could be the ideal solution for you. Watch our video below, where we field tested the new curved rectal probe transabdominally.

Specialist Applications

The Artemis can also be equipped with a high-penetration 3.5MHz backfat probe for beef meat grading, or a 7.5MHz linear probe for specialist applications such as lamb meat grading, reptile scanning or small animal veterinary work. We enjoy helping you build the best configuration for your ultrasound needs, so if you’d like to discuss your specific application with us, please get in touch. You can email us here, or leave your name and email address on live chat.

If you will be performing exclusively pig backfat measurements, we recommend the MSU3.

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6.5MHz linear rectal probe, 4MHz convex rectal probe, 6.5MHz linear rectal probe with introducer, 3.5MHz backfat probe with standoff, 3.5MHz convex probe, 6.5MHz microconvex probe, 7.5MHz linear probe

Second Probe

6.5MHz linear rectal probe, 4MHz convex rectal probe, 6.5MHz linear rectal probe with introducer, 3.5MHz backfat probe with standoff, 3.5MHz convex probe, 6.5MHz microconvex probe, 7.5MHz linear probe, None