20 Nov

Digital Radiography- The benefits of going digital

Direct Digital Radiography- The Mano Medical® Flat Panel DR System

Is Direct Digital Radiography for me?
Direct Digital Radiography is perfect for all veterinary practices, due to a wide range of available systems. Digital Radiography is suitable for equine, small animal practices and mixed practices.

What are the key benefits of The Mano Medical® Flat Panel DR system?
• The immediate rendering of high-quality images, at the point of care, quick retrieval and instant availability of images have made Mano Medical DR system the gold standard for X-raying animals.

• The Mano flat-panel DR imaging pre-programmed anatomy information allows for the machine to be ready before an animal enters the room; then the animal only needs basic positioning.

• Digital Radiography allows for seamless workflow and instant acquisition of X-ray images. This in return provides a better working environment for staff and creates a less stressful environment for the animal.

The Mano Medical® Flat Panel DR System
The Mano medical DR system is considered the most cost-effective route to going Digital, the system is compatible with your existing X-ray generators. The DR panels fit directly into the X-ray Bucky system and transfer images instantly to an integrated PC. No changes are made to your existing generator, which means you do not need to replace your X-ray table, wall stand or grids.

How can I find out more?
If you would like to find out more and discuss options for your practice, please contact a member of our team on 0208 402 1562 who will be happy to talk you through our range.

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