There are no shortcuts to success

Ultrasound is highly technical, and don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise – particularly not those trying to sell you their quick fix solution!

There is no true ‘plug and play’ ultrasound machine. Without an understanding of basic ultrasound physics, technology and the anatomy you are scanning, you are setting yourself up for personal, or even professional failure.

Buy from a specialist

Don’t buy from a Chinese eBay store that sells ultrasound scanners, fitness bands and Halloween costumes. Don’t buy because you’re on a microchip company’s mailing list. If you are going to do well as a pet scanner, get serious, ignore the gimmicks, and invest in yourself. Give yourself the best possible chance of success. Learn from the experts, buy from the specialists, and you won’t end up throwing hundreds or even thousands of pounds away on something that ultimately ends in frustration and failure. This is not only a huge waste of your time and money, but if you try and offer a scanning service to others, you could irrevocably damage your reputation.

If you need help choosing the right machine for you and your business, please get in touch here.

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