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Celestron not producing TetraView until May 2022

Cytology microscope
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TetraView microscope out of production

Last month, Celestron announced that they will not be manufacturing the TetraView or PentaView microscopes until May 2022 at the earliest. This is extremely disappointing as, up until June, they had been promising delivery by the end of July.

All customers currently waiting on the TetraView are advised to find alternative products, and buyers should be vigilant about any company taking orders for the TetraView at this time. The industry is now fully aware that there is no stock being delivered until next year. This applies to companies in the United States as much as in the United Kingdom – it is a worldwide supply problem. You can read a previous discussion of the long-term supply chain impacts of Covid in our industry in this article from June.


Alternative microscopes for cytology

After consultation with industry experts, we have sourced an alternative with the correct lenses needed for cytology. This microscope has been on the scene for a while already, but not with the ideal lens configuration. We have been testing the ScopeX Cytology Microscope with our customers who have been waiting on the TetraView, and are delighted to report that feedback has been extremely positive. We have also set up a new, dedicated Facebook group here for sharing images and experiences from the ScopeX and iSperm microscopes.



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