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A sonographer’s review of best ultrasound

A sonographer’s review of best in class ultrasound, the SIUI Apogee 2300

The SIUI Apogee 2300 is truly the best ultrasound machine in its class. After 8 years of animal abdominal scanning experience, 3 years of echocardiography experience, and 8 years of attending medical shows all over the world (Germany, Austria, USA, UK and China), I finally settled on the Apogee 2300 as my personal machine of choice and the flagship product for my training courses. I have split tested it against a number of other systems, including the CX-50 from Philips, the Sonoscape S8Exp, S9 and S9 Pro, the Edan AX8, the Mindray and Chison ranges, and other models in the SIUI range (such as the lower end Apogee 2100). All of these (except Mindray) were options for me at the time. All of them are excellent systems. But with image quality, usability and value for money as my top priorities, the Apogee 2300 came out top.

Without discrediting competitor models, they are selected by companies headed by salespeople, not sonographers. They may have many years of experience working with veterinarians and supplying ultrasound, but they aren’t users of the equipment themselves. Having been an ultrasound salesperson myself before I became a sonographer, it is fair to say that nobody can know the needs of an ultrasound user better than a sonographer who is really using the technology in their own work. My opinions on what made a good ultrasound system changed dramatically as soon as my focus shifted from selling ultrasound machines to actually using them.

Aside from the Apogee 2300 itself, one thing I love about SIUI as a company is their focus on training and development. Ultrasound is an interactive imaging modality, and it requires input from the user. Even an experienced user needs help in familiarising themselves with a new machine. The new SIUI Mai software allows remote screen-sharing, making it possible to train people from anywhere in the world. This has enabled me to support my clients in Europe, North America and the Middle East just as well as I can my local clients.

The Apogee 2300 can be used for a number of applications, the most popular of which are abdominal and cardiac. For advanced cardiac work, it is recommended that you add on the full cardiac package and at least one phased array transducer.

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