Siui Apogee 2300 for abdominal scanning

The Apogee 2300 is Siui’s flagship portable ultrasound machine. Pricing is available on request and varies upon precise configuration. Please contact us here, or call +44 (0) 208 402 1562.

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Make fast and reliable diagnoses with complete confidence

With advanced and updated processing technology the portable colour Doppler Apogee 2300 provides users with unrivalled capabilities such as fast frame rates, processing speeds and enhanced image quality. These allow you to make fast and reliable diagnoses with complete confidence.

The Apogee 2300 can be used for a number of applications, the most popular of which are abdominal and cardiac. For advanced cardiac work, it is recommended that you add on the full cardiac package and at least one phased array transducer. Please contact us for help configuring your machine for your practice.

Stand-out features and benefits you can rely on

  • Next generation tissue harmonic imaging technology, so you no longer need to compromise between penetration and resolution (learn more)
  • High performance Colour Doppler imaging that you can really use – high sensitivity even in low flow conditions, and precise mapping even at fast heart rates.
  • Large 500G storage capacity for cine loops and storing up to 2000 images.
  • Smarchive enables you to edit and transfer patient’s information and images, for remote diagnosis
  • User defined setting allows customisation of your preferred measure items and their sequence
  • Onboard reporting system presents detailed and dedicated information according to different exam types

User-friendly design and accessories enhance your exam experience

  • 15 inch high resolution titling monitor – accommodates your viewing preference
  • Detachable lithium battery provides backup and can facilitate your exam in a limited power environment
  • Built-in back light for keyboard and backlit control panel provides enhanced viewing when scanning
  • Ergonomic compact design allows for easy portable use
  • Optional accessories can further extend your exam facility: trolley, probe extender, backpack, carry case.


  • Apogee 2300
  • 2x abdominal transducers included in this price, e.g. microconvex and linear, or microconvex and large convex.
  • 15-inch medical LCD monitor
  • 500G hard disk for saving of images and video clips
  • 2 USB ports, 2 probe connectors, ECG port
  • Built-in battery
  • THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
  • Nanoview MFI (Macro Fidelity Imaging)
  • VS Flow (Micro-flow Enhancement)
  • Trapezoid Imaging XBeam (Spatial Compounding Imaging)
  • Panoscope (Panoromic Imaging)
  • HPRF (High Pulse Repetition Frequency)
  • Smarchive
  • 2 year warranty

Popular transducer options:

  • 4.5-7.5MHz Microconvex
  • 4-7MHz Phased Array
  • 1.7-4MHz Phased Array
  • 5-12MHz Linear
  • 2-5MHz Convex

Advanced cardiac package (additional cost – contact us to discuss your needs):

  • Continuous Wave Doppler (for estimating pulmonary pressures and assessing stenosis). Must be paired with a phased array transducer.
  • Colour M-mode (for regurgitant lesions)
  • Tissue Doppler Imaging (essential for diastolic function assessment)

Training software: 

New Siui MAI remote screen-sharing software


Example images – convex probe:

Liver shown first in B-mode, and then with Colour Doppler. Note how clean and crisp the colour mapping on the Apogee 2300, with no bleeding.

Liver on Siui Apogee 2300

Liver on Siui Apogee 2300


Cine loop showing Colour Doppler and then Power Doppler in the kidney:


Polyp in the human gall bladder:

Gall Bladder


Example images – microconvex probe:


Example images – linear probe:

The image quality on the linear probe is simply stunning. Look at this clip below of the human thyroid, first in B-mode, and then with Colour Doppler and Power Doppler.


Carotid artery:


Vertebral artery:


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