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Veterinary Infusion Pump

Durable, simple to use, and easy to attach to any cage. Compatible with any IV sets.

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Unlock Precision Healing with our latest Veterinary Infusion Pump

Designed with cutting-edge innovation and unparalleled precision, our latest infusion pump raises the standards of medical care, ensuring that every drop counts on your patients’ healing journey.

Unmatched Precision, Unrivalled Care:

Every medication drop is vital. You can rely on millimetre precision that guarantees the perfect administration of each dose. From intensive care environments to outpatient treatments, our infusion pump provides the safety and effectiveness that you and your patients deserve.

Simple, Intuitive, and Reliable:

Simplicity is the key to fast, confusion-free treatment. An intuitive design and user-friendly controls allow you to focus on what matters most: the care and recovery of your patients. Easily attachable to any cage, you can quickly move the infusion pump when needed.

Built for Trust:

Built to the highest standards of quality and safety, every detail is designed to provide peace of mind and superior performance.


KL 8052N Infusion Pump Back KL 8052N Infusion Pump Front

Veterinary IV pump


Elevate the Standard of Your Medical Care

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and advanced safety features, this innovative device ensures accuracy and reliability.

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