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ScanX Air Vet

The ScanX Air connects wirelessly to any smartphone of tablet, and with a dual head gives you all the versatility you need to perform full diagnostic scans anywhere. The probe comes with a convex head, perfect for abdominal, lung and general scanning; then, with a press of a button, you can switch to the high frequency linear probe for high resolution imaging on cats, small dogs, small mammals and superficial structures. The linear probe can also be used for scanning reptiles and aquatic animals.

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“This scanner is AMAZING!!”

… That’s what one of our happy customers, Connie, sent us after scanning her cocker spaniel! Check out her scan below:


The ScanX Air represents a leap forward in terms of image quality and versatility in a wireless transducer, and it’s supported by our in-house sonographers who are on hand to help you get the most from your machine. Watch the walkthrough video below to see all of the ScanX Air’s capabilities.


What can the ScanX Air be used for?

The ScanX Air is ideal for emergency / FAST scans, pregnancy confirmation, musculoskeletal and vascular imaging. We field test everything we stock, in the most unusual and challenging environments. In the videos below, we try both heads of the ScanX Air on a pregnant Border Collie, and then put the ScanX Air’s waterproofing to the test when scanning fish and corals!




The new ScanX Air dual-headed probe:

  • Convex: 3.2/5Mhz, Linear: 7.5/10MHz
  • Scan depths up to 30cm with the convex head, and 10cm with the linear head
  • Dimensions: – 121cm x 54cm  x 30mm
  • Extremely lightweight – only 186g
  • B mode imaging, M-mode image, Colour Doppler, Pulsed Wave Doppler, Triplex imaging
  • 4 hours of continuous scanning on battery
  • DICOM connectivity for transferring images