Apogee 1000 MSK

Apogee 1000Lite with L8LN broadband linear probe (38mm footprint width, 5.0-12.0MHz), providing high resolution images and on-screen guidance for musculoskeletal ultrasound applications. This lightweight, portable ultrasound machine is also equipped with Colour and Power Doppler modes, which can help to improve diagnostic accuracy in conditions such as tennis elbow (Toit et al., 2014). Tissue Harmonic Imaging improves spatial resolution, making it easier to detect tears, such as when assessing the rotator cuff (Strobel et al., 2004).

As well as for diagnostic imaging, the high resolution and large 15″ monitor of the Apogee 1000Lite make it excellent for ultrasound-guided needle procedures.


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The Apogee 1000 Lite is the perfect portable ultrasound machine for musculoskeletal work. Equipped with a high frequency linear probe, the quality of its images make diagnosis quick and easy.

If you’re new to ultrasound, SIUI’s unique on-screen guidance (‘S-Helper’) for elbow or shoulder scanning will help get you started right away. It guides probe positioning, and provides an example ultrasound image for you to match yours to. You can use it purely for practice, or even when with a patient, as it can easily be switched off once you’ve found your positioning.



Tutorials include:

Anterior elbow joint
Musculus biceps brachii tendon
Flexor tendon
The common extensor tendon
Annular ligament of radius
Humeroradial joint
Triceps tendon
Ulnar collateral ligament

Supraspinatus tendon
The long head of biceps tendon
Subscapularis tendon
Infraspinatus tendon
Acromioclavicular joint




Strobel K, Zanetti M, Nagy L, Hodler J. Suspected rotator cuff lesions: Tissue harmonic imaging versus conventional US of the shoulder. Radiology. 2004;230:243–9.

Toit, C., Stieler, M., Saunders, R. et al. (2014). Diagnostic accuracy of power Doppler ultrasound in patients with chronic tennis elbow. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 42(11).


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