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The Scan Pad is a touch-screen entry level black and white ultrasound machine for small veterinary practices, dog breeders and goat breeders.

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The Scan Pad is ideal for pregnancy scanning small animals, including dogs, cats and goats. First launched in the United Kingdom in 2014, the Scan Pad is now in its second edition.

Below is a selection of goat pregnancy scans sent in by one of our clients in the USA:

Thanks to Julie Jarvis of Animal Cracker Farm, California, for allowing us to share this video.


The Scan Pad is the UK’s leading ultrasound machine for canine pregnancy scanning. Below is a compilation of some of our clients’ dog pregnancy scans:


What type of probe do I need with my ultrasound machine?

Your probe (or transducer) is the most important part of your ultrasound system, so it’s important that you understand the differences before you choose what to buy. Our most popular choices available on the Scan Pad, in order of popularity:

  • Microconvex: Small footprint, with a frequency range of 3.5-7MHz, this probe covers almost all small animal applications. It’s ideal for pregnancy scanning dogs, cats, and even small goats.
  • Convex: With a larger scanning surface than the microconvex, some dog breeders prefer that they can cover a larger area in a single sweep. However, the lower frequency range (2.5-5MHz) means that images with the large convex probe will not be as high resolution as the microconvex can achieve. For larger animals, such as giant breed dogs or large breed goats or pigs, the convex transducer is the ideal choice as the lower frequencies can penetrate more deeply.
  • Linear Probe: The linear probe offers a very high frequency range of 6-9MHz. It’s the best choice for scanning close to the surface, such as tendon scanning, or abdominal scanning on slim dogs, cats, and scanning for eggs or follicles in reptiles, particularly snakes. The superior image quality achievable with a linear probe is striking, but it’s not a good option for general small animal pregnancy scanning and does not provide a sector image.
  • Linear Rectal Probe: Also high frequency (6-9MHz), this probe is for rectal examinations in cows and horses. Please note that internal scanning of animals is illegal on cows in the UK without a DEFRA-approved exemption (contact us for more information on this), and illegal on horses unless you are a qualified veterinarian.

Scan Pad Transducer Frequency Options

All Scan Pad transducers are at the top end of the entry level market, with 80 ceramic elements. Most equivalent systems from other manufacturers use 64 elements.

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    Joanne Allen

    I was trained by you last year, it was great and I learnt so much, I have purchased a scan pad to scan my own pugs and to confirm pregnancy and I also scan for others too mainly dogs but i have also scanned cats. My business name is Buddy Paws. I love my scan pad, it’s so easy to use and shows me great picture quality

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    Victoria Davis

    Whilst waiting to attend the training course I have been playing with my scan pad using it on my own pregnant dog, since starting I am absolutely amazed with the quality picture that you get I have been able to check my pups heart beats, see their spines and watch even the smallest movements.
    Victoria Davis

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    Jessica Grant

    I undertook level 1 training in September 2017. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by a member of the team who instantly put me at ease as I was a little nervous about what to expect, although I felt a laid back and easy atmosphere, as soon as the course started the team were very professional, and I felt a bit like I was back at college sitting an exam!

    The course attendees were a lovely group of people and it was really interesting meeting many different people who scan lots of different animals, although a lot to take in, I completed the course and felt so confident to leave knowing that I had been taught by professionals and I couldn’t wait to get started scanning my own dogs. I felt privileded to have been trained by Yvette, she has many years experience in ultrasound scanning, Part of the course is a practical scanning exam which was so much fun.

    I am signed up for the next Level 2 course and am really looking forward to expanding my scanning knowledge further and to gain a little more understanding of complex ultrasound scanning. I mainly scan dogs but I am currently researching the scanning of reptiles. The best part though is the continued support, at times I felt I emailed Catherine on a daily basis and she is always ready to help and with a smile, I honestly couldn’t buy this type of support. I got to try out all of the machines and was so amazed by the scanpad that I purchased one in November, it is brilliant, even though I haven’t yet gotten around to using half of the features it has to offer. I haven’t had any problems with the scanpad and really enjoy using it to detect pregnancy in dogs, I am pleased to say my litter size questimate is getting better too with my last 5 scans being spot on! Practice makes perfect. I would most definitely recommend the scanpad and the team for their equipment, professional training and continued support.

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