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Tough, durable, reliable. Made for the rugged farm environment, but equally suited to home scanning, this machine has served the UK market in its various and evolving incarnations for years. So reliable is this machine, in fact, that the customers we sold to back in 2010 are still using their same machines!

Suitable for pregnancy scanning in dogs, pigs, sheep and goats. Also ideal for performing backfat and muscle measurements in farm animals.

Truly the most portable ultrasound machine on the market. Weighing only 620g and equipped with an extra large capacity lithium ion battery for over 300 minutes of scanning time, the MSU3 offers total portability. It powers up instantly – no waiting for loading screens – and can be secured around your wrist, keeping your hands free.

3.5″ high resolution colour LCD monitor, designed for indoor or outdoor use.

3.5MHz transducer

U disk provided for image and measurement data storage. Data is stored in Excel format.

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The Kai Xin MSU first entered the UK market in 2010, distributed under our original name of ‘RC Ultrasound.’ It transformed the small animal scanning market, finally offering a portable, affordable solution for breeders. It utilised mechanical sector probe technology, which is what helped to keep the pricing so low.

8 years on, the MSU is in its third inception (MSU3). It still sticks to its mechanical sector probe (for Kai Xin’s electronic offering, check out the KX5600v), but Kai Xin have taken advantage of technological advances to slim down the machine, making it extremely light weight (620g) and so portable it can even tie around your wrist. It now boots up instantly, and comes with a USB memory card that stores images and measurements at the click of a button.

Watch hour quickly the new MSU3 starts up here:


See how easily depth can be adjusted here (scan subject in this video is a human liver):


Is electronic transducer technology better?

Yes and no! If the transducer has a high crystal count, and is made with high quality components from a true ultrasound manufacturer, yes, electronic ultrasound transducers will give you higher resolution than mechanical sector probes because of their beam-focusing capabilities. However, at the sub-£2000 price range, the MSU family cannot be beaten. The generic electronic systems you see on eBay, own-branded by private sellers or even companies like Contec Medical (who do manufacture much of their own equipment, but not ultrasound), are likely to offer image quality inferior to the sector images of genuine manufacturers like Kai Xin.

1 review for MSU 3.0

  1. 1 Review(s)


    I have used the MSU for 5 years never had a problem but wanted a second one because my son now uses my MSU so much for his dogs. I was hesitant to try the MSU3 because I am so happy with the original model but I’m so glad I did because the images are even clearer than before and it also looks more professional when I scan other peoples dogs because it is a lot more streamlined and modern looking. Now I just have to keep it away from my son!!!

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