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Dog Artificial Insemination

Dog Artificial Insemination

Why choose dog Artificial Insemination?   Regardless of experience, all dog breeders have come up against the question of AI use at some point. A huge variety of factors (such as inconvenience of travel, health concerns of the stud or bitch, perhaps preservation of a breeding line following the unexpected death of a dog) make […]

Veterinary X-ray: The digital revolution

What is X-ray X-ray is an important diagnostic tool for veterinary practitioners. Since its discovery, X-ray technology has relatively remained the same. However, the process of radiograph production has evolved dramatically, particularly the introduction of digital radiography. Digital radiography has revolutionized the efficiency of radiograph production and dissemination. The aim of this article is to […]

Verificação de bexiga

É importante manter o tratamento de um cão após uma infestação de carrapato, nós utilizamos o Pulse Echo Wireless Ultrasound para verificar como está a situação atual da bexiga e rins, afim de encontrar alguma infecção. Decidimos verificar pois o animal se encontra abatido após a fase de eliminação dos carrapatos.     O ultrassom nos […]

Pulse Echo Wireless Ultrasound Scanner in Brazil

Below, a veterinarian in Manaus, Brazil, uses the PulseEcho Wireless Ultrasound Scanner to check the bladder and kidneys following treatment for a tick infestation.     Along with the bladder and kidneys, it can also be used to check the prostate or uterus, when the animal is experiencing problems urinating or blood tests show kidney problems […]