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Veterinary Ultrasound Machines

To view the most appropriate ultrasound machines for you, please select which of the following 3 categories best applies:

I’m a small animal vet.
If you primarily work with small animals, such as dogs, cats, or other pets, this category is for you. Find ultrasound machines tailored to the needs of veterinary practices that focus on small animals.

I’m a breeder or smallholder.
If you are involved in breeding animals or managing a small farm, this category is designed to meet your requirements. Discover ultrasound machines suitable for breeders and small-scale animal husbandry.

I’m a large animal veterinarian or farmer.
If your work involves large animals, such as horses, cows, or other livestock, this category is dedicated to you. Explore ultrasound machines specifically designed for large animal veterinary care and agricultural applications.


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