Ultrasound for tenders and academic projects


We have a history of working with academic researchers, veterinary universities and government projects. Because we’re a small company, we are perfectly placed to find you the exact system you need (within budget), rather than expect you to fit around us and our existing portfolio.

We have written custom software for a number of organisations, and even tooled transducers for specialist applications. We’ve found the right solutions for university projects such as canine nerve blocking, placental blood flow quantification in rare sub-Saharan animal species, and subcutaneous vaccine delivery in farm animals. We’ve worked with hospitals and individual practitioners in finding cost-effective equipment for training projects, such as ultrasound-guided needle biopsies. We’ve also helped to repurpose used and ex-demo ultrasound machines for work which would not be otherwise financially viable, such as ultrasound scanning of fish and marine mammals, and follicle scanning in snakes.

We’ve even delivered a scanner to the Houses of Parliament, and used ultrasound to check for structural integrity with engineers at Imperial College!

Whatever your project entails, you can be sure that nothing is too specific, nor unusual! We are ultrasound specialists, heavily involved in research ourselves, and we love helping you to solve your problems. If you have a project in mind, please contact us right away so that we can get started!


Meat grading in Iowa
Above: Estimation of beef muscle depth and intramuscular fat percentage with ultrasound.

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