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Charitable Work At PUM

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At PUM, we strive to uphold exceptional standards of business ethics, products and customer support. But did you know that we also seek to aid charitable efforts whenever the opportunity presents itself? Over the last few months we have been so pleased to assist medical teams in Ukraine and maternity units in The Gambia and Nigeria. Here are a few stories from the work we have done so far in 2022.

Ultrasound machines for Ukraine

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 2022 has been a particularly busy year for us. Just like those eerie first few months of 2020 when Covid-19 arrived on the scene, to have your skills and experience called upon is professionally fulfilling, and having plenty to do certainly saves one from being driven mad thinking about the current state of humanity. It is also absolutely true that, during the worst times, we get to witness the best in people. We have worked not only with large aid organisations and registered charities to assist Ukraine, but also individuals, who have felt compelled to fund raise for much-needed medical supplies and equipment.

The first individual to approach us about portable ultrasound for Ukraine was Dr Sara McNeillis, right at the beginning of the invasion. She was (and still is) fund-raising for a range of medical equipment, including an abdominal ultrasound scanner for a hospital in Kyiv.

Bob (centre), can be seen here handing over our machine to Myhailo on its way to the front line for use on soldiers and civilians that have been hit by shrapnel and bullets in Kyiv.

Since working with Sara, we have supplied over ten ultrasound machines to Ukraine, from local fund-raising campaigns to international aid organisations. One such campaign resulted in us sending a scanner to the front line of the 204 Battalion of the Ukrainian Army in Kyiv for use on soldiers and civilians that have been hit by shrapnel and bullets. Since involving ourselves with these efforts, we’ve supplied a range of machines from the Elite 5600 at under £2000, to the Siemens P500 at over £20,000.

Maternity clinics in Africa

Towards the end of last year, we supported a mission sending an Apogee 1000 Lite for human obstetric and gynaecology to Nigeria. In June, we then had the honour of working with the Ardingly Old Jeshwang Association in sending an Apogee 1000 Lite to a maternity hospital in The Gambia.

Nuns from The Daughters Of Divine Love Mission in Nigeria using their new Apogee 1000 Lite.

Equipped with a convex probe, this allows local doctors to perform pregnancy scans and check the positioning of the baby prior to and during labour – a service that women in the area simply did not have access to before now.

You’re In Safe Hands…

If you are associated with a charitable organisation that needs ultrasound equipment, you can feel confident that at PUM, we are uniquely positioned to help because we specialise in ultrasound and have done so for over 10 years. We genuinely believe that every machine we stock is the best in its price bracket, and we should know- our resident professional sonographer Catherine Stowell rigorously tests them herself (as well as using them in her own clinical work). It is her own name and reputation on the line with every machine that goes out the door, and even more so when we supply items purchased with charitable funds for a good cause. Recommending technology is not just a serious business, it’s our business.





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