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Ultrasound for Goat Pregnancy Scanning

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  • Accredited by the Animal Ultrasound Association
  • Taught by an accredited sonographer
  • Entire course professionally recorded live at ADGA Convention 2023
  • Accompanied by 10 online modules to provide greater theoretical depth whenever you need it
  • Learn theory and practical skills essential for scanning success
  • Enhanced learning experience with visual aids and quizzes for better knowledge retention
  • Free aftercare support for life, by email or Whatsapp
  • For any budding ultrasound scanners across the globe, wherever you may be

If you do not already have an ultrasound scanner, please contact us before purchasing one so that we can ensure you have the appropriate equipment to enable you to get the most out of this course.

Duration: 4 hours + ongoing support 

Total Value: £495


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