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Ultrasound for Canine Pregnancy Scanning

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Everybody learns differently, which is why we have partnered with training experts at AUA (Animal Ultrasound Association) to bring you 2 different course delivery options to choose from. These are the only courses where you can expect tutoring from seasoned sonographers who will teach you essential ultrasound machine controls, reproductive anatomy, pregnancy detection and viability confirmation. Crucially, ongoing FREE mentoring for life to guarantee scanning confidence is also a unique service that our expert team provide. The only hard part is deciding which way you want to learn:

1- Prerecorded, On-Demand Learning: The most popular option and for good reason! Work through 8 modules at your own pace, with the power to pause or restart videos whenever you need to. Don’t worry- you can email us any time to ask questions and you have the option to book in an extended live session with your course tutor at the end to go over any tricky topics or queries about your machine. As an added bonus, you need never feel alone on your learning journey with exclusive access to our VIP Scanning Facebook Group, perfect for uploading practise scan images for community feedback! Our pre-recorded VIP Course is globally available, meaning you will join a community of aspiring scanners from around the world.

2- Live, In-Person: If you have the time and are able to travel and would prefer to attend a live course event at our Ultrasound Lab in Bromley, Kent (UK), this is arranged on a mutually convenient date and is a great opportunity if you are a practical learner that enjoys tutor interaction.

Price: £595.00


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