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Scan Pad Problems – After Sale Support

Scan Pad Frequently Asked Questions


My new Scan Pad has arrived with scratches on the screen.

It may not be immediately apparent, but the Scan Pad monitor is covered by a see-through protective cover. This can sometimes be difficult to spot. Try looking at your monitor from an angle – you should notice the edge of the film. If you can’t see it down one side, check the other three sides. You should then be able to lift it with your fingernail and peel it off.

Cover on the VIS Scan Pad


There are no gestational age calculations on my machine.

Look at the top centre of your monitor. Does it say “ABD”? If so, you are in the general abdominal setting, not the obstetric measurement package. Go to “Probe” (touchscreen button, bottom left), and change the exam mode to “OB”. Click “Apply” and then click “Exit.” You will now be able to perform measurements on images you acquire whilst in OB mode. You will not be able to perform calculations on images you have previously acquired in ABD mode.

If for any reason you are already in OB mode and the calculation package isn’t loading, you can go into configuration (the cog icon, bottom right), go into exam settings, and restore factory settings.


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