Wondfo Finecare Vet Progesterone Machine


  • 1x Wondfo Finecare progesterone machine
  • 3 year warranty. This is a real manufacturer’s warranty that will be honoured.

The Wondfo Finecare progesterone machine is a popular entry-level progesterone machine, ideal for breeders who will be using this with their own animals and will become familiar with the normal readings for their bitches. It is not the best option for busy fertility clinics and is very operator-dependent, requiring a consistent technique every single time.

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You cannot learn progesterone testing on a one-day course. If this is the extent of your experience, please consider whether this is the right investment for you. Do you have someone nearby who uses the same machine and can mentor you for several weeks in its correct use? Do you have the time and patience to dedicate to not only learning progesterone testing properly, but perfecting your technique to ensure perfect reproducibility every single time?

Do not buy this machine if:

  • You are not confident in its use.
  • You are running a commercial fertility service.

If you are new to progesterone testing, you need to seek expert mentorship before investing your money in any progesterone machines, and ensure you have the cooperation of a local veterinarian that you can use for blood drawing.

If you need advice on where you can get training, just ask.


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