Used Landwind C30 with TWO probes

The Landwind C30 was one of the first ultrasound machines for breeders in the UK, and it’s a testament to their quality to see them still going strong today. This machine is 10 years old so will inevitably look dated and show signs of use: however, it is in perfect working condition and its image quality rivals any of the sub-~£1000 single probe systems you see on eBay and Amazon from China today, some of which are only using mechanical sector technology. The Landwind C30 may be old, but it was advanced for its time and therefore its probes use the same electronic beamforming that you will find in systems made today.

The previous owner has really looked after this machine and it still comes with all of its original parts, including probe holder, cable support, gel holder and operation manual.

This is a fantastic opportunity to pick up a two probe system for an absolute bargain price.

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  • Landwind C30 with CRT monitor
  • Microconvex probe, ideal for pregnancy scanning on dogs and cats
  • Convex probe, ideal for giant breeds and farm animals
  • Power cable
  • Manual
  • Probe holder
  • Gel holder


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