SmartBook & Vet Master Pro Ultrasound Training Course

This course consists of a live online training session, supported by ongoing one-to-one mentoring. This course is specifically designed for users of the ‘SmartBook’ or ‘Vet Master Pro’ ultrasound machines. We will cover:

  • All of the main controls on your ultrasound machine: we have these systems on hand (due to so many people trading them in) and can talk you through any controls you are unsure of
  • Image optimisation on your machine
  • Proper technique for pregnancy scanning
  • Incidental findings (such as pyometra)
  • How to use ultrasound safely

You will have access to your tutor for on-going support via email or WhatsApp.

Our course is taught by a sonographer. A sonographer is somebody who holds a Masters degree (or equivalent) in medical ultrasound, and is accredited by an independent body in their specialist area.

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Ultrasound Training for users of SmartBook and Vet Master Pro

Background to this course

We have been so overwhelmed with requests for help from users of this machine that we have created this dedicated course specifically for users of the ‘SmartBook’ and ‘Vet Master Pro’ systems, who have purchased these ultrasound machines and then found that they are unable to obtain the needed support or training on them.

Training will be delivered by a sonographer with over ten years of experience in teaching canine pregnancy scanning.

Our course is underwritten and certificate issued by the Animal Ultrasound Association. At the present time, as our industry remains unregulated, this is the closest it is possible to get to a ‘qualification.’ CPD marks or other unrelated badges on courses are no substitute for learning from a specialist.

Courses are run every two weeks. You will be contacted within one working day of booking with available dates and times. If none of these suit, do not worry – we can arrange another date and time with you. If you’d rather speak to somebody before booking, please contact us.

If you have a technical problem with your machine ahead of your course, i.e. you think your machine may be faulty, please speak to us before booking.

Please note: We are in no way affiliated with the original sellers of these machines, nor do we endorse these systems in any way. The aim of this course is to help you to get the most out of your machine if you already have one and have no financial alternative but to use it. If you do not already have one, please consider buying from a specialist ultrasound company who regularly perform ultrasonic safety testing and have the expertise to support you and honour warranties.

Looking for training on a different make or model?

Consider the training options available through the Animal Ultrasound Association, or contact us to discuss your needs.


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