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Siemens ACUSON Juniper

The Siemens ACUSON Juniper Ultrasound System is a high-performance ultrasound system ideally suited for busy veterinary practices and referral centres. Choosing a new ultrasound machine can often be a battle - no sooner do you think you've found "the one", than another member of the team decries it as unsuitable for their imaging subspecialty. With the Juniper, there is no longer any need for compromise.

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Luxurious image quality for abdominal and cardiac ultrasound

With a brand like Siemens, there will be no need to compromise: this powerful machine will deliver luxurious, highly detailed images to your team regardless of whether they will be performing abdominal examinations or echocardiograms.

The Juniper is also far more practical for the veterinary environment than other systems in its class. One of the industry’s smallest and most light-weight cart-based ultrasound machines, it can be easily moved between examination rooms. Machine height and angle are easily adjusted for different staff members, and the Juniper is 40% quieter than the average ultrasound machine, helping to keep patients calm.



Technical Specifications

System Dimensions: 163.4 X 50.8 X 84.5 cm

Weight: 76kg

Large Display: 21.5″ LED monitor

Touch Screen panel: 13.3″ Touch Display

Wireless Capability: Yes


Transducer options

The Juniper has a wide range of probes for small animal use. The most popular are listed below, but please contact us if wish to discuss a specific need.


Abdominal probes


11M3 Transducer – microconvex probe for small animal abdominal scanning

7C2 Transducer – convex probe for abdominal ultrasound


Linear probes

16L4 Transducer – high frequency linear probe for superficial-level scanning

13L4 Transducer – slightly larger footprint than the above, also suitable for equine tendon scanning


Cardiac probes

8V4 Transducer – ideal for small animal echocardiography

10V4 Transducer – for very large dogs and upward