Pulse-Echo Wireless Ultrasound Scanner

The new Pulse-Echo wireless ultrasound system is perfect for abdominal examinations or animal pregnancy scanning in dogs, cats, pigs, sheep and goats.

  • 3.5MHz 128 element ultrasound transducer
  • Connects wirelessly to your iPad or smart phone (including iPhone)

Please note this system is supplied without a screen and therefore requires a smart phone, tablet device or laptop computer to communicate with. Wireless scanners are not recommended for professional use. If you are looking for a full ultrasound system with a screen and multifrequency probe, consider the Elite 5600.

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The new Pulse-Echo Wireless Ultrasound machine is ideal for beginners. Consisting of a single frequency 3.5MHz probe, it achieves excellent penetration, even on larger breeds. Once your brand new system arrives, simply follow the instructions to download our app (freely available on the App Store) onto your smartphone or tablet.

Your device will then be able to receive images from your wireless Pulse-Echo scanner, and from which you can adjust your main controls – gain, depth and focus – as well as freeze and save images and cine loops, ready to share with friends. You can even perform simple distance and trace measurements.


A liver scan on a Dogue de Bordeaux – note the excellent penetration the 3.5MHz probe achieves on this larger breed of dog:



Here’s an example of an early canine pregnancy scan from one of our clients:



Here’s a late gestation pregnancy scan in a Golden Retriever, with thanks to Berrymede Golden Retrievers:



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