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MSU Pig Pregnancy Ultrasound Scanner

Tough, durable and reliable are just some of the words we hear time and time again from customers who have invested in the MSU 3.0. It’s made for the rugged farm environment and has served the UK market in its various incarnations for years. So reliable is this machine, in fact, that the customers we sold to back in 2010 are still using their same machines!  

  • An ‘all in one’ machine: suitable for pregnancy scanning in pigs (as well as sheep and goats) and ideal for performing backfat, loin thickness, lean percentage and muscle measurements in pigs.
  • Convenient: Lightweight at only 620g, can be strapped around the wrist so that you can keep your hands free, and has a 5” high-resolution colour monitor for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Efficient: Powers up instantly with an extra large capacity battery, providing over 300 minutes of continuous scanning time before recharge. Supplied with a 3.5 MHz transducer and a U disk for image and measurement data storage (Excel output).
  • Simple: simple and intuitive to use regardless of whether you are a total beginner or an experienced ultrasound practitioner.
  • Incredible value: Overall, it is one of the most robust, lowest price, most effective and safest ultrasound machines for pregnancy and backfat monitoring in pigs.

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MSU Handheld Ultrasound Machine for Pig Pregnancy Scanning and backfat measurement

The MSU3 utilises mechanical sector technology. This means that images are not as high resolution as an electronic scanner like the Elite 5600, but its benefits are:

  • Extremely affordable
  • High penetration – the low frequency probe of the MSU3 is ideal for scanning pigs
  • Robust and durable – suitable for the farm environment

There are a number of mechanical sector scanners on the market today, but the MSU3 simply cannot be beaten for performance and value for money. Most people with an MSU series of scanner are still using it ten years later!

Ideal for pregnancy and farrowing: A colour LCD monitor and a high-penetrating mechanical sector probe make this a machine exceptionally suited to pregnancy scanning in pigs. Its adjustable depth makes it quick and easy to improve visibility of small structures, whilst you can also save images for your records, exportable to any laptop or computer.

Outstanding for backfat measurement: The MSU 3.0 can provide backfat measurements from 3 different sites on the pig, which can be manually recorded or saved onto the mini-SD card to be exported in Excel format. The scanner can be switched from imaging mode into backfat mode with a single button, and the scanner automatically detects when good probe positioning is achieved, and provides 4 readings for that site (from which it also displays an average). Taking a measurement is as quick as 5 seconds per site on the pig.

It will also record both loin eye thickness and lean percentage in pigs, adding even more versatility to this outstanding-value machine! You can read our review of its backfat measurement capabilities here.


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