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MSU2 Pregnancy Ultrasound Scanner

The Kaixin MSU2 is the most economical way to get started with pregnancy confirmation in sheep, goats, pigs and medium-large breed dogs. Its low frequency probe offers excellent penetration, and unlike other scanners in this price range which are made of low-quality, cheap components, the MSU2 makes no sacrifice when it comes to durability.


✅ Easy to operate - only 3 essential buttons
✅ Simple, high contrast images - get a yes or no on pregnancy quickly and easily
✅ Supported by experts - no matter how prepared you are, it's normal for your first few scans to feel daunting. We are on hand to help or look over your images with you, whenever you need it.  

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In a world where it feels like electronics are never built to last, the Kaixin MSU2 offers a refreshing change. If investing in an ultrasound machine is a big decision for you, with money you cannot afford to lose, then look no further than the most trusted, durable scanner on the market.

It won’t deliver the most beautiful images you have ever seen, but nor will any scanner under £3000. However, if you’re looking for something that is simple to use, reliable, and does the job of confirming or ruling out pregnancy without fuss, then the Kaixin MSU2 should be your first choice.

For over 15 years, the MSU series has been built to withstand the challenges of the farm environment. The MSU2 offers a substantial upgrade over the original MSU1, but it is telling to note that our clients who first purchased an MSU1 from us back in 2010 are still using it today.


Will this be suitable for pregnancy scanning in small dogs and cats?

No – we do not recommend this machine for very small animals. That is because it comes with a low frequency probe, designed to prioritise penetration over image quality. Smaller animals should be scanned with a higher frequency probe; unfortunately, more expensive, but worth it for the image quality! A good suggestion is the Elite 5600 with microconvex probe.


Can I buy this machine and get a different probe for it?

No. Probes are not interchangeable between makes and models, and the MSU2 only works with the mechanical sector abdominal probe it comes with.


How can I learn how to use this?

We are here to support you in using your new machine, and can schedule a Zoom call with you (for free) any time you need help. If you are looking to learn the art and science of pregnancy scanning in detail, please check out our full certificated courses.


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