The Mano Medical Flat Panel Digital Radiography System

The Mano Medical Flat Panel DR System provides high resolution digital diagnostic imagery, essential to all modern veterinary practices. The panel works with any X-ray generator which allows for seamless integration. Choose from 2 sizes which easily fit into your cassette drawer.

Read the description below for the full benefits and features or call us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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Digital radiography designed specifically for veterinary use

The user-friendly and easy to use interface allows for optimal management of your images. Settings can be easily adapted to suit any animal you are scanning – with a wireless option for outdoor use.

Stand out features 

  • Powerful software that can be configured to your specific needs
  • Anatomical parts list that is easy to integrate
  • Easy to use display of X-ray settings for every anatomical part and animal size
  • High quality and adaptable image processing specifically developed for use on animal
  • Ability to save an image with a range of different processing options

Key support features 

  • Measurement calibration: Determines object/panel distortion in just two clicks
  • Real size display Whatever the monitor definition is (useful for orthopaedics)
  • Dicom printing on film
  • Ability to print, including in real size on every printer (orthopaedics)
  • Free rotation tool – useful for TPLO or TTA
  • Intra- and inter-files image comparisons
  • Copy- or cut-paste of inter-files images
  • Inverse compare (positive/negative image) in just one click

Additional Features  

  • Ability to send image by e-mail directly from the software
  • Simple exportation in DICom and JPG – share data easily with your customers, referent or official X-ray reader
  • Automatic exportation in DICom or JPG into a common folder so you can share and retrieve      images easily with your colleagues
  • The DICom exportation viewer allows for high quality shared imagery
  • Guided measurements (optional) for: Hip dysplasia (Norberg) Hip distraction Vertebral heart-score TPLO TTA TTA rapid
  • Mano Vet mini Pacs (optional) A PACS is a sharing, archiving and saving solution of X-ray images in a DICOM format. The Mano Medical Mini PACS allows you to share data in DICOM quality with the whole clinic, without any file transfer or any image duplication

 Benefits of going digital 

  • Immediate rendering of high-quality images at the point of care.
  • Quick retrieval and instant availability of images makes Digital Radiography the gold standard for X-raying animals.
  • Seamless workflow and access of X-ray images allows for a better working environment for staff and creates less stress for the animal.
  • The Mano flat panel DR imaging pre-programed anatomy information allows for the machine to be ready before an animal enters the room
  • The simple and easy to use interface means more time can be spent engaging with the animal.
  • With instant access to images, animals no longer have to wait long between exposures. This leads to improved image quality and fewer retakes.
  • Digital images can facilitate a faster conclusion on a particular diagnosis.


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