Progesterone testing

We have met with Wondfo at various vet shows and medical exhibitions around the world every year, for many years. Our reluctance to introduce their range of laboratory and progesterone testing equipment stems from our concerns about their misuse. However, a significant number of our customers have repeatedly asked us to source progesterone testing equipment because they want to buy from a trusted, reliable source.

Below you will find the Wondfo progesterone machine and test kits. These are being sourced in good faith, and should be purchased with the firm understanding that:

  • Blood drawing should only be performed by a veterinarian or vet nurse. No exceptions: it’s illegal.
  • The accuracy of this machine depends upon the quality of the blood draw (see above), mixing and pipetting action. It is assumed that you have knowledge and experience in the proper use of progesterone machines. We do not provide in-person training in progesterone testing.

By purchasing from us, you agree that you are either a licensed veterinarian or vet nurse, or you will be working with one for the purposes of drawing blood.

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