Meeting with Siui – manufacturers of Apogee 2300

Last week, we met with Siui, manufacturers of the Apogee 2300 ultrasound machine. Marguerita from the AUA spoke to Jenny Choi, the Siui representative for the EU, and asked her a few questions about the company, the product, and what is in the pipeline for them. Check out the video below for the full interview.


Siui was founded in 1968. In 1998 they began selling outside of China. Their focus has always been on the research and development of technology and three years ago they also opened a research centre in Seattle. Each year, 10% of their revenue is invested in the R&D team. Their products are available in over one hundred countries around the world.

The Apogee 2300 was released in 2017 to the American and European market and feedback has been very positive. Its popularity can be attributed to its modern design, its superior imaging, its ease of use and its competitive price. It is most frequently used for abdominal, obstetric, gynaecological and basic cardiology scanning

Ultrasound is Siui’s main product and 90% of what they do, although they do some X-ray as well.

Siui was the first Chinese manufacturer to get CE and FDA approval and was also the first to attend the big international exhibitions such as Medica.

Siui provides excellent customer service with fast responses and help with any issues.

They’re currently working on new products and hope to have these available in around 2 years. Jenny Choi says: “Siui is a company that always keeps going, we introduce new features or new products almost every year”.

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