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Kai Xin ultrasound products for dog breeders

Getting started with scanning can be overwhelming.

From choosing your machine, to actually performing a scan and interpreting the images, there is so much to learn and understand. What our clients love about Kai Xin scanners is their ease of use, reliability, and image clarity. And what our clients love about us is there we are always there with them, for every step of their ultrasound journey.

Why Kai Xin is the number one choice for dog breeders:

Ultrasound is becoming an invaluable tool for the serious dog breeder. 8 years ago, only a handful of breeders in the UK were using ultrasound. Today, canine pregnancy scanning is not only for those wanting to run a dog scanning business, but has now become affordable enough that everyone can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a machine on hand to scan their own animals.

The only downside to this reduction in price is that there are now a lot of poor quality ultrasound machines available on auction websites and from private sellers, and it can be difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. is the only ultrasound company in the world run exclusively by professional sonographers. Here, we shortlist our three favourite Kai Xin scanners, and summarise the differences between them.

Our top three affordable ultrasound picks:

MSU1 Ultrasound Machine      

What the key differences between the MSU1 and MSU3?

The MSU1 has been one of the most popular portable ultrasound machines in the UK for the past 8 years, and its price has come down dramatically (originally at almost £2000). For £75 more, though, you can now get the third generation MSU3.

  • It’s slimmer
  • It’s lighter
  • It’s more powerful than its predecessor.

Click here to see the MSU3 ultrasound scanner.

The MSU3 starts up instantly, and its rechargeable battery provides over 300 minutes of scanning time. It has enhanced data storage, not only for images but also for saving measurements onto an easily exportable spreadsheet. It also comes in a protective carry case, which is compact enough to carry in your hand. In our opinion, the case alone is worth the extra £75.

MSU carry case MSU carry case

If you are comparing the MSU3 to any scanners from outside the UK, remember that these sellers will quote the price excluding VAT, and HMRC will charge 20% VAT upon import. The MSU3 is actually only £812.50 + VAT, and delivery is fast and free.

At Kai Xin’s current promotional pricing, it really is a deal you can’t miss if you’re looking for a cheap ultrasound machine for dogs that actually performs.


*Includes lifetime support from our in-house sonographers.

Some of the images produced by our customers over the years on the original MSU scanner include:

MSU scan MSU puppies MSU puppies MSU puppies

Apologies for presentation: these are actual, unedited images, as shared by our clients.

I want a desktop ultrasound machine. What do you recommend?

If you’re working with a slightly larger budget, the Elite 5600 is our top choice. This is a full service ultrasound machine. It is less portable than the MSU series because it is larger and runs off the mains rather than a rechargeable battery, but it is a far more powerful system with greater functionality and image quality. You can perform measurements a lot more easily with its trackball system, and of course, it has a much larger and higher resolution monitor. Most importantly, its transducer utilises electronic beamforming technology, so the images it can generate are crystal clear. If you’re thinking of scanning as a business, the Elite 5600 Ultrasound Machine at £1890 (£1575 + VAT) is an excellent choice that won’t break the bank.

Why buy from

Kai Xin is a world leader in portable ultrasound systems, and we have been their UK partner now since 2010. We know their machines inside and out.

When you buy from us, you are guaranteed:

  • A real warranty that you can count on. We’re not going anywhere. Ultrasound is our profession. Unlike foreign companies or individuals trying to make a quick profit, we live and breathe ultrasound. We have been serving our customers for 8 years, and we’ll still be here in another 8 years.
  • Lifetime support from sonographers. A sonographer is somebody who is qualified in medical imaging using ultrasound, usually holding a Masters degree or equivalent. In addition to the combined 4 years spent at university, it takes – give or take – a further 2 years to become accredited and listed with a professional body, and a lifetime of attendance at conferences and training courses in order to keep one’s accreditation valid. All of our staff are accredited sonographers. We don’t just sell ultrasound – we work with it on a daily basis. Who would you rather have supporting you in your scanning – a salesperson or a sonographer?
  • Membership of our invite-only social media groups, where you can share your images and learn from others.


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