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Ultrasound Machines For Goat Reproductive Scanning

We have been working with goat breeders for over 10 years. Our director, Catherine, goes off on ‘goat road trips’ every few years to keep testing our equipment in the field, and making sure our machines offer goat breeders the very best options in the world!

All of us here are passionate about ultrasound – and goats – and are on hand to support you both pre- and post-purchase. Check out one of our videos below on how to choose the right ultrasound transducer for goat reproductive scanning.

If you’re thinking of buying an ultrasound machine, below are our most popular equipment choices. Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email any time with your questions. We know choosing an ultrasound machine for your farm is a big decision, and we are on hand to help.

The cost-effective and ultra-portable MSU3

At £975 + VAT, the MSU3 farm ultrasound machine offers unbeatable value for money. Its low frequency transducer makes it ideal for full sized goats (as opposed to Pygmy or Nigerian Dwarf breeds), and it delivers a high-contrast, easily interpretable image.


The ScanX portable ultrasound machine is our most popular machine for North American dairy goat breeders, who often have smaller herds and enjoy the extremely high level of image quality this machine delivers.

Most US goat breeders choose a high frequency microconvex probe for their miniature breeds of goat, but UK goat keepers are more likely to want to go for the convex probe, unless you have exclusively pygmy goats.

Bear in mind that, at £2416 + VAT, the ScanX is often chosen as an ‘upgrade’ machine once ultrasound has already been introduced to the farm and proven itself an invaluable tool. Many first-time users may wish to start with something like the MSU3.

Here’s a video of the ScanX in use on pigs, below:

The tough and versatile Artemis

If your farm has a number of different species, look no further than the brand new Artemis ultrasound machine. Tough, durable, but with crystal clear imaging, its curved rectal probe can also be used transabdominally if you will be scanning primarily cows but perhaps have a handful of goats, sheep or pigs.


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