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CMS6000P2Vet Ultrasound Machine Walkthrough

As a sonographer, I cannot advocate this ultrasound machine for a whole variety of reasons, but I understand that its very low price makes it an attractive starter system for many. I hope this video will be of some help to total beginners.

If you have a specific question you are stuck with or would like to organize online training, please get in touch.



Measurements and gestational age calculations

The manual doesn’t inspire confidence in the calculation packages. For sheep, for example, it states: “According to some publish (sic) data, we think the two measures are proved effective.” I don’t know where this published data is, because a search on PedMed, Google Scholar, or even Google search engine provides absolutely no results.

helium-spine length

I therefore recommend you perform your calculations manually, using the most appropriate calculation package for the stage of pregnancy. If you are scanning dogs, the book ‘Ultrasound for Canine Pregnancy Scanning‘ will guide you. For goats, you can use this gestational age calculator here using the bipartietal diameter method.


How to save video clips

The Contec machine does allow you to save video clips, but unfortunately in a file format that, to my knowledge, cannot currently be played on a PC or Mac (.ebv2). I am finding out if there is any way to convert or read these files. However, it does at least mean that you can save and review your videos at a later time. Here’s how:

First, freeze your image:


Next, move your mouse (with the roller ball) to “file mgmt.” and press the “set” key on your keyboard, which is located right beneath your ‘freeze’ button.

File management

Select ‘video save’, again using the ‘set’ button.

Give your video a name, and ‘save.’ If you click ‘USB’ first, you can save it onto your USB stick instead of the machine’s hard drive, but until I know of a way that you can play that file back on a device other than your ultrasound machine, this has little use.

saving on the Contec

To find your videos again in the future, go back to “file mgmt.” and click “video read.” Just as with images, you will then see thumbnails of all of your saved videos. You can double click a video or an image to maximize it on screen.

video read

Videos or cine loops taken whilst scanning can be played by pressing the ‘Auto/Manual’ button.




This machine is advertised as having tissue harmonic imaging (THI). This can greatly improve image quality in larger animals in particular, because it allows you to send ultrasound at a lower frequency (good penetration), but process returning signals at a higher frequency (good resolution). This appears to be false advertising, at least on my model, as the ‘THI’ button gives the exact same image as the lowest frequency range on the probe. This is the exact opposite of what THI would really do (image quality would go up, not down).

Example below: Liver at 2MHz

Contec ultrasound machine

Example below: Liver on THI mode (no improvement in detail)

THI on Contec


Background to this machine

The CMS600P2 is an entry level ultrasound machine, branded (but not manufactured) by Contec Medical. Contec specialize in small medical devices like pulse oximeters, which is something they do very well. They outsource their ultrasound machine production elsewhere.

You cannot buy this ultrasound machine through official channels. For example, if you are an official US or UK Contec dealer, Contec will not sell you one of these machines. That is because it is produced to Chinese domestic market specifications – therefore, whenever you see this scanner on Amazon or eBay, it is being sold by a third party who have bought the machine inside China, and are then exporting it “against the rules” (but Contec turn a very willing blind eye to this practice). This is why the support offered on this machine is woeful: neither Contec nor the people selling these machines know anything about ultrasound technology. However, it also explains why it’s very cheap!


Alternatives I would suggest

If you have not yet purchased this model, I would recommend considering the following alternatives:

Elite 5600: If you are in the USA, your pricing will be considerably cheaper than the price shown on this website, so please send a quick email to inquire. This machine does not include a battery as standard, so if you need one, remember to mention this.

MSU3: If you’re really on a tight budget, this $850 machine is a good alternative to some of the Amazon mechanical sector scanners people buy. Nonetheless, it is still only a mechanical sector machine, and therefore imaging is going to be very coarse – and that makes your job more difficult. It really is a yes/no machine only.

ScanX Pro: Higher end system for those willing to spend the money to achieve the best quality images and videos. The ScanPad+ is an equally valid option here. You can compare the two here.


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